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A Year in Seville

Witness the spectacle of the Christmas season in Seville! The city lights up and is filled with events like processions, musical performances, visual art exhibitions, nativity scenes and winter sports. Then, take advantage of Seville’s proximity to the nearby snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada for a skiing or snowboarding trip. Just 3 hours away, the Sierra Nevada is the perfect weekend destination! 


Springtime brings Seville’s most famous events! During Easter week, join the crowds of locals and foreigners who come from all over the world to Seville to experience Semana Santa. Seville’s religious brotherhoods parade through the streets with elaborate statues and icons, accompanied by incense, music and singing. Just two weeks later, the Feria de Abril captivates the entire city. Located in Los Remedios, Feria places the culture of Andalusia at the forefront. The fairgrounds host a number of vendors and carnival rides, the streets are filled with men and women in traditional costumes on horses or in carriages, and the air is filled with the strains of flamenco guitar, clapping, and singing. 


As the temperatures rise, the streets fill with Sevillanos taking in the sunshine and eating and drinking at outdoor terrazas. The warm weather and long days allow both locals and visitors alike to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as concerts in the gardens of the Real Alcazar, movie screenings in the Patio de la Diputación, and nighttime guided visits to some of Seville’s most well-known monuments and palaces. Many choose to beat the heat by heading to the beautiful beaches of Huelva or Cadiz, some only an hour away, while others choose to head west to the picturesque coast of Portugal.


In the fall months, the Prado de San Sebastian is taken over by the Festival de las Naciones. This six week fair brings food, drink, and wares from all over the world to Seville, as well as live music and dance performances. Every other year, the Bienal de Flamenco arrives to Seville as well. Flamenco spills out of the bars and theaters and into the city streets, with events of all sorts highlighting different aspects of this quintessential Spanish style of song, dance, and music. Finally, movie lovers cannot miss the Festival de Cine Europeo, an 8-day event in November in which Seville hosts some of the continent’s most famous figures in cinema and its theaters are filled with all sorts of new, recent, and classic films.