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Health, Academic, and Dietary Accommodations

Study abroad is an exciting opportunity, as well as an experience that often presents new challenges. We want to make sure we are aware of any relevant information concerning your medical and/or psychological health to better assist you while you are studying abroad. For this reason, please take a moment to fill out this form.

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    Academic Accommodations

    If you receive academic accommodations from Disability Support Resources (DSR), please list them here so COWA can assist in determining reasonable accommodations:

    Physical and Mental Health Information

    Please know that it is the responsibility of each student to be aware of his/her own health status and concerns, and to relay any necessary information to one's program staff and professors (e.g., severe food allergies or anything that may result in absence from class.)

    Students admitted to a study abroad program are responsible for their own healthcare. Please know that you can use your study abroad health insurance to find local health professionals including doctors, counselors, and specialists in Sevilla. Participants should keep in mind that some prescription drugs may not be legal or readily available overseas. If you are currently taking a prescription drug regularly, you should check with your health professional to ensure that the medications you are taking in the U.S. are legal and available in the country where you intend to study.
    If needed, COWA can provide you with information on resources to identify the legality and availability of prescription medicines in Spain.

    If you have concerns about your mental health and study abroad, please meet with your health professionals now to discuss the experience.

    Whether you release information to us or not, please be aware that the final responsibility of informing overseas program coordinators of any medical, allergy, or psychological condition and its treatment rests with the student, not with Grand Valley State University or GVSU Study Abroad.

    If you feel willing to share information with us about your medical and/or psychological health, it may help us to assist you while you are studying abroad. If you are willing to do so, please tell us if you are currently receiving medical or psychological care for any reason:

    Do you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions that should be taken into consideration? If so, please specify:

    I have read and understood the above information regarding academic and medical accommodations.