Health and Counseling

The physical and mental health of our students is extremely important to us at COWA. Our doctor and counselor have weekly "office hours" available to all students.
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Dr. Alejandro Omaña

Medical Surgeon, Health Management Specialist, Masters in Emergency Medicine and Health Care in Disasters.

Our on-site doctor is available for students with non-emergency medical concerns (for medical emergencies, students should always notify COWA staff and go to one of COWA’s recommended hospitals).

Schedule:  As needed.

Dr. Omaña will be available on demand in order to answer any medical questions you may have and/or assist you with medical emergencies.  We will always call him on your behalf and, if needed, we can schedule a virtual Zoom and/or a three way phone call.

Mr. Alberto Leal Crespo

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Masters in Clinical Psychology, Professor of Social Psychology and Global Health.

The functions of the counselor are to offer orientation and assistance surrounding the potenital problems in the daily lives of COWA students. The nature of these problems vary: social, emotion, or coexistence, to name a few examples.

Schedule: Please email or call Mr Leal directly to make an appointment.

Phone #: 652 941 698

***Important note: If you schedule a visit and do not show up without having cancelled the appointment at least 24h in advance, you will be charged 60 euros for the no-show****