Language, Technology, and Culture in Sevilla

Program Overview

The month-long Spanish Language, Culture and Technology program in Seville aims to provide students with a first-hand overview of how language, art, culture, and technology coexist in Spain’s past and present.
Seville is the capital city of Andalusia, one of the most visited, culturally vibrant, and historically significant regions of Spain. Through immersion, exploration, and investigation, students will obtain a better understanding of Spain.


Students will enroll in two 3-credit classes.

FLS 212: Spanish Language, Technology, Culture

FLS 212 is a study of the language structures and vocabulary necessary for an intermediate level of communication in Spanish together with cultural and technical issues of our global society in the context of the Spanish-speaking world. This is achieved through class lectures encompassing grammar structures in conjunction with the technology and culture of Spain. The culmination is a final project through research on an engineering design that reflects some aspect of Spanish culture. The idea is to exhibit culture and technology working together and even possibly how this form of technology has influenced the culture.

FL 395: Spanish Culture

FL 395 offers a wide vision of Spain by being a course that complements FLS 212. It is mixed with history, art, culture and science/technology. There is a dual focus on language and experiential learning: we’ll spend minimal time in classrooms, allowing you to enjoy the city of Sevilla but there will also be visits to Cordoba to see the Mezquita, Granada for a visit to The Alhambra, a trip to the beach and Roman ruins around Seville in addition to a local vineyard and an olive factory where you’ll receive tangible instruction about the chemical processes for making wine, the use of centrifugal force, the Roman conquest of Spain, and more.

Coursework done in FL 395 will assist in your decision for the final project you will complete for FLS 212.

Please refer to the Study Abroad Office program page for more information on the credit awarded.

Academic Info

Calendars and Schedules

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NC State Language, Technology, and Culture – Programa de Orientación

NC State Language, Technology, and Culture 

Excursiones y Visitas a Monumentos 

The following visits are mandatory for all students:

Catedral de Sevilla TBD
Mercado de la Encarnación y Metropol Parasol TBD
Reales Alcázares de Sevilla TBD
Itálica TBD
Madrid y Toledo TBD
Córdoba y Granada TBD
Visitas Opcionales
Almazara Basilippo TBD TBD
Bodegas Góngora TBD TBD



Information and Application

  • Duration: May 10 – June 10 (approx. 4 weeks)
  • Requirements: Students must have successfully completed FLS 201 or an equivalent 3rd semester Spanish course (2.0+ cumulative GPA)
  • Housing: Homestay with Spanish host family with full room and board included.
  • The application deadline is determined by NC State
  • Students must complete their application through the NC State Study Abroad Office to be considered for the program.

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