Spring LSCS Program

Program Overview

The Language, Society, and Cultural Studies (LSCS) program is intended for students who have completed at least Spanish 204 and up to Spanish 261. In LSCS, students will take four to five classes in subject areas including art, language, literature, history, and politics. Classes are taken with other LSCS students at COWA.

Year-long students who begin in the LSCS program in the fall semester will move up to the Spanish Advanced Studies (SAS) program for the Spring semester.

LSCS Course Listing

You will choose at least four classes from the classes listed below. NOTE: not all classes will be offered every semester.

SEVI 261 — Español avanzado en contexto / Spanish Language in Context

A course that uses literature, film, and culture as a basis for reviewing grammatical concepts, developing writing competency, and improving overall communication skills.

SEVI 301 — Introducción al anàlisis literario y cultural / Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis

Prepares students to formulate and communicate critical analyses of literary works in various genres (theater, poetry, essay, narrative, and film), while placing the readings within a cultural context.

SEVI 325 — España inmediata / Spain Today

Historical analysis and contextualization of daily occurrences in Spain. This course renders special attention to the Spanish political, social and economic situation, and the analysis of its international relations (mainly European Union, Arab countries, Latin American countries, and the U.S.A.). It also analyzes topics such as the relations between the Catholic Church and the State, Spanish nationalism, and immigration.

SEVI 331 — España y las Américas / Spain and the Americas

Study of the historical, social, and political consequences of the age of discovery and colonization: Spain at the time of expansion, the indigenous peoples of the Americas, the form and function of colonial government, social unrest, independence, and the decline of Spain.

SEVI 334 — Aspectos globales en la primera cultura transatlántica / Global Issues on the First Trans-Atlantic Culture

This course analyzes how the first transatlantic culture, which originated from the encounter between Europe and the New World in 1492, changed the course of history and the modern world. We will discuss the unfolding of events and ideas that shaped the minds and actions of people from this period while tracing a timeline of events crucial for our understanding of the modern world. We will also explore how the first transatlantic culture based on commerce influenced our modern globalized trade system.

SEVI 335 — España ante el Islam / Spain and Islam

A study of the history, art, and culture of Islam and of Spain and Europe’s relationship with Islam.

SEVI 341 — Arte y cultura española / Art and Culture of Spain

Introduction to the history of Spain and the major styles of Spanish art. Includes visits to monuments and museums.

SEVI 355 — La Unión Europea / The European Union

The history of the development of the European Union with special attention to its current and future political and economic structure, its agencies and institutions, the role of Spain, relations with Latin America, and the future of the Union within the international community.

SEVI 361 — Historia y análisis del cine español / History and Analysis of Spanish Film

A brief tour of the history of Spanish film from its origins through today. This course will analyze films to help students better understand Spanish Society and increase confidence in their ability to communicate (via reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in Spanish.

Academic Info

Registration Deadlines

You will register for classes before arriving in Sevilla. You will be allowed to make changes to your schedule during the first week of classes.

Course Load

The minimum number of credit hours per semester is 12.

Notes on Registration

As is true for registration at your home college or university, it is the responsibility of each student to make sure that (s)he has officially registered all course changes with the program.

Class Attendance

You are expected to attend classes regularly, take all exams as scheduled by the professor, and turn in written work as required for the individual course. In no case will the COWA staff come to your defense if you receive a low grade in a course due to your failure to attend class or to turn in written work.

You should also be aware that:

  • Traveling is an educational experience, but you are expected to schedule your traveling around your academic needs, not vice versa. If you are out of town and in the process miss an exam or fail to turn in written work, you will receive an “F” for that portion of your grade.
  • To receive credit for a course, you must be in Sevilla for the entire semester and take the final exam at the end of the course. If you decide to drop out of the program before the completion of a semester, you will receive no credit for courses that you began but did not finish.
  • If you miss a final exam due to illness or other legitimate reason, you are expected to reschedule the exam with the professor and remain in Sevilla until you complete the requirements for the course. It will not be possible to make up work in the U.S.
  • Under no circumstances will the final exam of any LSCS course be given before the official published exam schedule.


All grades (notas, calificaciones) in courses will be based either on a number scale (1-10, 10 being the highest grade) or the words sobresaliente, notable, aprobado, suspenso. Students will need to receive a grade of 5 or aprobado to receive credit at UNC. The grades you earn will not count towards your GPA unless you receive a failing grade. Failing grades will be calculated into your UNC GPA as an F. Please refer to the credit information on the UNC Study Abroad website.

Calendars and Schedules

UNC LSCS Spring 2024

Jueves, 11 de enero Llegada de los estudiantes a Sevilla
Viernes, 12 de enero Traslado de los estudiantes a las familias españolas y orientación en COWA
Lunes, 15 de enero Comienzo de las clases de COWA
Jueves, 15 de febrero – Sábado, 17 de febrero Viaje a Madrid
Miércoles, 28 de febrero Día de Andalucía (festivo – no hay clases)
Viernes, 15 de marzo – Domingo, 17 de marzo Viaje a Córdoba y Granada
Domingo, 24 de marzo – Domingo, 31 de marzo Semana Santa (festivo – no hay clases)
Domingo, 14 de abril – Domingo, 21 de abril Feria de Sevilla (festivo – no hay clases)
Miércoles, 1 de mayo Día del Trabajo (festivo – no hay clases)
Viernes, 3 de mayo Finalizan todas las clases de COWA
Semana del 6 de mayo Semana de exámenes finales de COWA de primavera
Sábado, 11 de mayo Final del programa de LSCS

UNC LSCS Spring 2024 – Orientation

Jan 11th Llegada a Sevilla Hotel Alcázar, Menéndez y Pelayo, 10. (Telef. 954 41 20 11)
19:00 Reunión y cena de bienvenida
Jan 12th 10:00 Traslado a las casas particulares
17:00 Programa de orientación general en COWA
Jan 15th Primer día de clases

UNC LSCS Spring 2024 – Visits

The following visits are mandatory for all students:

Antiquarium y Metropol Parasol sábado, 27 de enero a las 10:15
Reales Alcázares de Sevilla martes, 30 de enero a las 11:15
Viaje a Madrid jueves-sábado
15 – 17 de febrero
Salida a las 9:30
Catedral de Sevilla jueves, 29 de febrero  a las 11:15
Parroquia del Divino Salvador martes, 5 de marzo  a las 11:15
Viaje a Córdoba y Granada viernes-domingo
15 – 17 de marzo
Salida a las 8:00
Visitas Opcionales
Fábrica de aceite de Basilippo miércoles, 3 de abril salida a las 15:15
Archivo de Indias  jueves, 25 de abril  a las 11:15


  • Duration: early January – mid May
  • Requirements: must have taken through Spanish 204 and meet GPA requirement (2.9 cumulative GPA)
  • Housing: Homestay with Spanish host family
  • Academic Credit: LSCS students will take a minimum of 12 credit hours of COWA LSCS pre-approved courses with other program participants.  All LSCS courses will count as transfer-credit for UNC, which means that they will not count towards the students´ GPA at UNC.

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