Spanish for the Professions: Business Program

Program Overview

This program is a faculty-led summer program that will allow students to complete their Spanish for the Professions Minor in the Business Track, visit local companies, and meet business people while experiencing to the fullest the beautiful city of Sevilla in Southern Spain.

Students interested in this program have two options to complete the Spanish for the Professions Business Minor:

  • First option- Register for both summer sessions and earn 12 credit hours.
    This option is for students who have not taken SPAN 261 (3 credits) at UNC and would like to take this course in Sevilla, starting in mid-May. Along with SEVI 261, students will also take a Spanish history and culture course (3 credits) in the first summer session.  Then, in the second session, students will take two additional courses: Spanish for Business (SPAN 320) and Spanish for Professional and Community Engagement (SPAN 329).
  • Second option- Register just for the second session and earn 6 credit hours 
    This option is for students who have already completed the prerequisite SPAN 261 at UNC and only wish to enroll in the second session to take SPAN 320 and SPAN 329. Students who choose this option will still need to take an ‘allied course’ either before or after their program in Seville to complete the minor.

UNC Spanish for the Professions in Sevilla: Business – Course Offerings and Equivalencies



A brief tour of the history of Spanish film from its origins through today. This course will analyze films in order to help students better understand Spanish Society and increase confidence in their ability to communicate (via reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in Spanish.


Taught by a UNC professor, students receive UNC graded credit for the course; the grade received in this course WILL affect the student’s UNC GPA.

Prerequisite, SPAN 320, 321, 322, 323, or 327. Eight-semester capstone course applying skills in Spanish language and cultures to professional and community contexts. Assignments include professional documents, community service work and projects, and a research project. Open only to students in the minor in Spanish for the professions.


Visits to local companies and interacting with local business people are important components of the program. SPAN 320 and SPAN 329 include three site visits to local businesses in Sevilla designed to help students experience the environment and meet the people in Spanish companies.

Academic Info

Class Attendance

Classes will be held Monday-Friday. You are expected to attend every class, take all exams as scheduled by the professor, and turn in written work as required for the individual course. You should also be aware that: Traveling is an educational experience, but you are expected to schedule your traveling around your academic needs, not vice versa. You should plan to travel before the program begins or after the program has ended, not during the official program dates. If you are out of town and in the process miss an exam or fail to turn in written work, you will receive an “F” for that portion of your grade.


The SPAN 329 course will receive graded UNC credit. Please refer to the Credit Information Sheet on the UNC Study Abroad website for more information.

All grades (notas, calificaciones) in courses other than SPAN 329 will be based either on a number scale (1-10, 10 being the highest grade) or the words sobresaliente, notable, aprobado, suspenso. Students will need to receive a grade of 5 or aprobado to receive credit at UNC. The grades you earn will not count towards your GPA unless you receive a failing grade. Failing grades will be calculated into your UNC GPA as an F. Please refer to the credit information on the UNC Study Abroad website.

Calendars and Schedules

UNC Spanish for the Professions – Verano 2023 Calendario 



Jueves, Junio 22 Llegada a Sevilla

Coger un taxi hacia el Hotel Alcázar, Calle Menéndez y Pelayo, 1o

8 pm: Reunión y cena de bienvenida
Viernes, Junio 23 10.00 am: Encuentro con las familias españolas/Traslado a las residencias
5.00 pm: Reunión de orientación en COWA
Lunes, Junio 26 Primer día de clase
Semana de Julio, 24 Última semana de clases y examen final
Viernes, Julio 28 9.00 pm: Cena de despedida
Sábado, Julio 29 Final del programa

UNC Spanish for the Professions – Verano 2023 Visitas

Todas las visitas son obligatorias para todos los estudiantes:



Viernes, Junio 30- Domingo, Julio 2 Viaje a Córdoba y a Granada/ Lugar de encuentro enfrente COWA 8.15 am
Miércoles, Julio 5 Visita a la Catedral/ Lugar de encuentro Plaza Virgen de los Reyes 10.45 am
Martes, Julio 11 Visita a la empresa Citysightseeing en Sevilla/ Lugar de encuentro en Plaza Nueva 9.30 am
Miércoles, Julio 12 Visita a los Reales Alcázares/ Lugar de encuentro Plaza del Triunfo 9.45 am
Miércoles, Julio 19 Visita a la fábrica de jamón ibérico de bellota (Jabugo)/ Lugar de encuentro en COWA 8.00 am
Viernes, Julio 21 Visita a la fábrica de aceite de oliva (Basilippo)/ Lugar de encuentro COWA 8.30 am
Sábado, Julio 22 Viaje a las ruinas romanas (Itálica) y a la playa/ Lugar de encuentro COWA 8.15 am
Martes, Julio 25 Show de flamenco/ Lugar de encuentro Casa de la Memoria 8.30 pm




UNC BUSINESS (329) Spanish for Professional and Community Engagement 17.00 pm-19.00 pm Aula 3
UNC BUSINESS (320) Spanish for Business 19.15 pm-21.15 pm Aula 3

Information and Application

  • Duration: June 22 – July 29 (aprox. 5 weeks)
  • Requirements: must have completed Spanish 261 or 267 and meet GPA requirement (2.9 cumulative GPA)
  • Housing: Homestay with Spanish host family with full room and board included or single room with private kitchen and bathroom at Nodis Residence Hall for the following additional cost:
    $290 with breakfast included (M-F)
    $590 with breakfast and lunch OR dinner included (M-F)
  • Academic Credit: students will receive UNC graded credit for classes that are taught by the UNC professor. Classes taught by an on-site professor will be pre-approved for UNC credit.
  • The application deadline is determined by UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • Students must complete their application through the UNC Study Abroad Office to be considered for the program.

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