University of Richmond in Seville: Academics and Athletics Program


    Please read thoroughly and sign your name in the blank areas to indicate you agree to the following statements.

    I, , acknowledge that the following activities and/or behaviors are strictly forbidden by COWA and incurring in any of them, will be considered a major violation:

    -Traveling anywhere specifically banned by COWA and/or my host university.
    -Driving a car, riding motorbikes, mopeds, electric scooters, or any other type of motor vehicles.
    -Bungee jumping
    -Sky Diving
    -Scuba Diving
    -Possession and/or consumption of illicit drugs during the duration of the program.
    -Possession and/or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances in my homestay or in my hotel room during a program sponsored trip.
    -Inviting guests into homestay without the specific permission of the host family
    -Inviting guests to spend the night in my homestay
    -Excessive alcohol consumption.
    -Showing up to any of my classes and/or COWA organized activities/trips with visible signs of alcohol and/or illicit drug intoxication.
    -Damaging or destroying property in the homestay due to my negligence or incorrect use.

    The following activities and/or behaviors will be considered a minor violation by COWA:

    -Arriving late to any of the program's scheduled cultural visits and/or trips.
    -Missing a visit/excursion without a valid excuse (Doctor's note or COWA's permission).
    -Failing to complete a COWA travel form every time you leave Seville for any personal travel.
    -Refusing to pay for replacement house keys or change of locks if the keys that are provided by the host family are lost or stolen.
    -Refusing to replace the mattresses and/or paying fumigation costs related to bed bugs acquired while traveling.

    I, understand that incurring in any of of the major violations described above will result in a written warning from COWA.

    I, understand that two written warnings from COWA could lead to my immediate dismissal from the program.

    I, understand that two or more minor violations may result in a written warning from COWA.