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Richmond Healthcare Internships in Seville

This is an official University of Richmond program, so you may qualify for scholarship and/or financial aid money.
Please check with the appropriate office on campus or talk to your advisor.

Program Description

Richmond Healthcare Internships in Seville

We offer University of Richmond students the ability to complete healthcare-related internships in during the summer in Seville. As the capital city of Andalusia, Seville has one of the best public healthcare systems in the world. The city attracts both national and international healthcare professionals, resulting in an array of internship opportunities for students interested in the healthcare professions.

The internship experience, coupled with a series of site visits and seminars, will allow students to directly observe the structural and functional organization of the healthcare system in Andalusia.

COWA is in a unique position to find health related internships for Richmond students as it has established excellent working relationships with a variety of medical centers around the city since its founding in 2015.

Through this program, you can gain experience that will set you apart and prepare you for a career in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Internships

You can complete a healthcare-related internship at one of Andalusia’s different types of hospitals and healthcare centers:

Program Information and Application Process

  • Duration: Six weeks / 30-40 hours of internship work per week
  • Requirements: Sophomore standing and minimum GPA of 2.75 in the major
  • PlacementHospitals and/or clinics based in Seville, allowing students to gain knowledge and experience in the healthcare profession.
  • Housing: Homestay with Spanish host family
  • Number of Students Accepted: 5-10
  • Academic Credit: Arranged by each participant with the appropriate U of R faculty and/or department.

The 2020 program fee will be 3.500 € , which includes:

  • Internship placement and supervision
  • Orientation and internships-prep workshop
  • Weekly follow-up meetings with internship coordinator
  • Welcome and goodbye dinners
  • All activities and excursions (see below)
  • Tickets to a flamenco show in Seville
  • Full room and board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in Spanish host families
  • Local transportation to and from internship sites

The cost does not include:

  • Airfare (flights to and from Seville)
  • Personal expenses

Please refer to U of R’s Internships Abroad webpage for additional information, or contact Ms. Cheryl Genovese (cgenoves@richmond.edu) if you have any questions.

  • February 16th: $300 non-refundable deposit due (paid directly to the University of Richmond)
  • March 16th: First program payment due.
  • April 16th: Final program payment due.

To pay online, please go to our Online Payments page (also linked below).

The application deadline is February 15th, 2020.
Finalists will be selected and contacted by March 15th to set up a Skype interview.
Accepted students will be notified by March 31st.

  • A complete application must include:
    • $300 non-refundable application fee (paid directly to the University of Richmond)
    • General application form
    • Internship profile form
    • Academic recommendation form
    • General recommendation form
    • Language recommendation form
    • Housing questionnaire form
    • Cover letter stating your objective in doing the Seville internship.
    • An electronic version of your resume.
    • A scanned copy of passport information page.

Program Dates for 2020

  • May 14: Arrival and welcome dinner
  • May 15: Move to host families or residence hall and orientation program
  • May 18-June 23: Internship
  • June 25: Goodbye dinner
  • June 26: Departure

Download Application Documents

Click below to access the Dropbox folder with all the appropriate application documents. Please start with the file titled ``ReadmeFirst``.

Online Payments

Click below to go to the Online Payments page. There are two program payments of 1,750€ (total of 3,500€).