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Richmond Summer in Seville

Program Overview

Make the most of your summer and take your academics and Spanish fluency to the next level by immersing yourself in the culture, language, and way of life of Seville. Seville is the capital of Andalusia, one of the most visited, culturally vibrant and historically significant regions of Spain. Seville is perhaps best known for being one of the most important Moorish kingdoms of the Middle Ages and the center of trade with the New World during the colonial era. In addition, many of the typically “Spanish” cultural phenomena that attract tourists (flamenco, bullfighting, tapas and olive orchards) are identified with this Southern city. With over one million inhabitants, the capital city has a lot to offer, without feeling congested or overwhelming like many large cities.

Richmond Summer in Seville Course Offerings

The Summer in Seville program is offered in the summer term. All courses are UR courses and will transfer with the regular A-F grade scale. Students may earn up to 2 units.

Please check the UR program page for more information regarding course offerings.

Calendars and Schedules

Richmond Summer in Seville Summer 2020 


Thursday, May 14 Students arrive in Seville
Friday, May 15 Move to homestay and orientation
Monday, May 18 First day of class
Thursday, June 11 Corpus Cristi Holiday
Saturday, June 20 Students depart Seville

Richmond Summer in Seville Summer 2020 – Programa de Orientación


Thursday, May 14 Arrive in Seville

  • Hotel Alcázar – Calle Menéndez y Pelayo, 10
  • Telef: 954 41 20 11
20:00: Welcome Meeting and Dinner
Friday, May 15 10:00: Move to homestays
17:00: Orientation Meeting

  • Safety, Housing, Medical Insurance
Monday, May 18 First day of classes


Las siguientes visitas son obligatorias para todos los alumnos:



May 16 @ 1:00pm Metropol Parasol
May 20 @ 3:00pm Catedral de Sevilla
May 25 @ 7:00pm Bodegas Góngora
May 27 @ 3:30pm Reales Alcázares de Sevilla
May 30 @ 9:00am Itálica y la playa
June 13-15  Viaje a Córdoba y Granada
June 17 @ 10:00am Basilippo



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